ChildSafe Australia Community Engagement
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ChildSafe Australia Community Engagement

Discovery Bay ELC believe that child safety is paramount in safeguarding the well-being and development of children in any environment.  First and foremost, such training equips our teachers/educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognise and respond effectively to potential risks and hazards that our children may encounter.  By empowering our teachers/educators and parents with this awareness, child safety training serves as a proactive measure to keep our children safe from physical, emotional and psychological harm.

Discovery Bay ELC are a ChildSafe Organisation

As a ‘Child Safe’ organisation, we ensure compliance with child safety standards by consistently engaging with ChildSafe Australia to deliver their Professional Learning Development to all our teachers. The focus of the training is to navigate the ‘11 Child Safety Standards,’ and we take this responsibility seriously, as it equips our teachers with the knowledge necessary to keep our Early Learning and Kindergarten children, as well as vulnerable individuals, safe.

Professional Learning and Development for ChildSafe Standards

Since last year, 2022, ChildSafe Australia has been providing our teaching team with professional learning development for the Child Safe Standards and Body Safety Education & training. This training is crucial for us as we are committed to maintaining a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse, teaching our children about body safety and consent, and equipping our dedicated teachers with the skills necessary to practice child-safe learning for future generations.

Best Practice Training for ChildSafe Standards at Discovery Bay

During the professional learning development, Ms. Laura Lindsay and Ms. Ann Morison delivered these sessions, as they are specialists in delivering service excellence for training best practices in child safeguarding. Through the ChildSafe Australia program, our teachers have gained an understanding of how to apply the 11 child safe standards to their day-to-day interactions with children and how to educate them about body safety rules.

We initiated training for our parents, which started in Balwyn Campus, where they received knowledge on how to teach their children to develop a trusted safety network and use appropriate language to express themselves regarding ‘my body safety rules.’ Our organisation is committed to organise more training sessions to be delivered across all our campuses every year.

Why does Discovery Bay ELC invest in Child Safety Training?

This child safety training fosters a culture of vigilance and accountability within our community.  By establishing clear guidelines and expectations for behaviour and interaction, the training program promotes a collective responsibility to prioritise the safety and well-being of the children in our education and care.  What is more, such training initiatives help cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment. One where children feel valued, respected, and protected.

By prioritising child safety, Discovery Bay demonstrate commitment to create a secure and conducive environment for our children to thrive, learn, and grow. Ultimately, investing in child safety training not only ensures the protection of individual children in our care, but also contributes to building a safer and more resilient learning community for future generations.

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