Building strong foundations for a great start in life

It’s our mission to develop your little ones into confident and enthusiastic explorers on a journey of discovery about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Everything we do is for the optimal learning and development of each child. Our focus is not on ticking off checklists but on meeting your child where they are, and guiding them through their next steps.

No two kids are the same, which is why our educators observe your child’s cues and tailor a learning path that’s best for them. It’s their journey, and they create their own path. We are their cheerleader, their advocate and their guide.

Our commitment

Setting your child up for a smooth transition to primary school with the right tools for success.

At Discovery Bay Early Learning Centre, we’ve done our job when kids leave us as capable and confident little people that are 100% ready for school. We give your kids everything they need to enter any school you choose at the level required for them to thrive.

  • Montessori framework delivering an extended STEM curriculum
  • Meets requirements under the State Specific EYLDF and NQS
  • Kindergarten program delivered

Our unique approach

Our industry-first methodology delivers an expanded early learning program that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) within a Montessori curriculum.

Experiential learning

We use enquiry-based learning through practical experiences that stimulate creativity, problem solving ability, and independent thinking.

STEM + Montessori

Your child gets all the development that Montessori offers, while also being introduced to foundational STEM concepts along the way.

Prepared for life

Our focus is on building the resilience, confidence, and capability your child needs for a successful journey through school and in life.

Commitment to
wellbeing & nutrition

Little minds and bodies need the best nutrition, especially when they are learning so much in early life!

Our menus follow Australian Nutritional Guidelines

All of your child’s meals and snacks are prepared by a qualified Chef using fresh and nutritious ingredients.

We are very specific with our procurement practices to ensure the food your child eats is of excellent quality.

Our seasonal menu is adaptable to cater for kids with allergies or other dietary requirements.

Areas of learning

Our unique approach means that your child gets all the development that Montessori offers, while also being introduced to foundational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts along the way.

Practical-Life - discovery bay

Practical Life

Life skills to help develop self-awareness, independence, and confidence.

Sensorial -discovery bay


Developing use of sight, touch, smell, taste, sound, and kinaesthetics.

Mathematics - discovery bay


Kids learn about numbers and basic mathematical functions using practical tools.

Language - discovery bay


Building communication and language skills. Laying foundations for writing and reading.

Culture-studies - discovery bay

Cultural Studies

Kids learn about the world around them through geography, botany, zoology, science, history, music, and art.

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