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Guiding our child’s early learning with
investigative play and industry-first STEM programs.


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Guided play to help young ones make new
discoveries and form new neural pathways.


1 year to 2 years

Reaching communication, movement, and coordination milestones.


2 years to 3 years

Making new connections through practical real-world experiences.


Building a solid foundation for your child’s
seamless transition into school.


3 years to 4 years

Stimulating creativity, problem solving ability, and independent thinking.


4 years to 5 years

Preparing to enter school with the right tools for success.

The Discovery Bay difference

We’re one of the first early childcare centres to bring STEM subjects into early learning.

Helping every child find their unique path to their best potential.

Every child is different. So why would we treat their early learning as a one-size-fits-all?
We take the time to get to know your child, and tailor our approach to meet them where they’re at.

Discovery spaces

Indoor exploration

Purposefully designed to help children focus on tasks and explore different areas of learning.

Discovery rooms

Our rooms are beautifully designed and equipped with the right tools for a range of fun activities that embed important lessons.

  • Different seating arrangements for collaboration
  • Themed areas around core subjects
  • Layouts promote free exploration
  • Rooms are designed the same way in every centre
  • Muted colours don’t overwhelm children
  • Everything is child sized and in easy reach
  • Rooms are minimalist and organised

Outdoor learning

Our playgrounds are especially designed for enrichment and discovery.

Discovery playgrounds

There is so much to explore and discover outdoors! What will your child do today? Create a fairy garden? Play pirates in the jungle? Climb, jump and swing? The only limit is their imagination.

  • Natural elements introduce different sensory stimulation
  • Themed areas using rocks, sand, grass, water, and wood
  • Landscaping that encourages open-ended play
  • Designed to emphasise mystery and wonder
  • Active movement and motor skill development
  • Kids are supervised at all times


Your kids are on an exploratory adventure every single day!

The Explorer Spirit

The Explorer Spirit gives children the confidence, curiosity, and resilience to go out there and find whatever it is they want to find in life.

  • When exploring there are no wrong answers
  • Kids never feel that there are things they cannot do
  • The goal is not the finished product, but what is learned along the way
  • No checklists or rigid structures – freedom to explore
  • We learn from each other
  • Different levels of skill are ok, we are all learning!


Building knowledge and stimulating creativity, problem solving ability, and independent thinking. 

Activities-content-discovery bay

Practical real-life learning 

We use enquiry-based activities where children engage with tactile materials and make new discoveries and connections about what things mean.

  • Every activity is structured around the skill we want kids to learn from it.
  • Experiential learning using real-world applications
  • Spanning Montessori and STEM subjects
  • Intentional play as a vehicle for learning
  • Kids are guided but not over-instructed
  • Open enquiry – kids choose what they want to explore

Safety and Quality


Our seasonal menus follow Australian Nutritional Guidelines specific to early learning and afterschool childcare.

Chef-prepared menus

Growing minds and bodies need the best nutrition! We make sure your child eats balanced and healthy meals made from fresh and delicious ingredients.

  • Meals prepared daily by a qualified Chef
  • Vegetarian meal options available
  • Adaptable for allergies or other dietary requirements

Our educators

Our educators put themselves in your child’s shoes to facilitate a tailored journey of discovery.

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Highest standard of educators

We require our educators to be at least Diploma qualified, and we advocate for our senior educators to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

  • Carefully vetted for patience and observational skills
  • Comprehensively trained in our unique methodology
  • Ongoing investment in training and development
  • Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree qualified
  • Your child’s biggest cheerleaders and advocates!

Emotional wellbeing

We’ll always advocate for your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Safety comes first!

A safe and inclusive environment

If there is ever an issue with another child, we work with both kids to understand where the behaviour is coming from and guide healthy behavioural pathways for their emotions.

  • Strict incident reporting and resolution policy
  • Open communication and support for parents
  • Extra resources and funding used when needed
  • Kids are guided to develop healthier behaviours
  • Emotional and physical safety is paramount

Covid safety

Every measure taken to ensure minimal risk of viruses and unwanted bugs.

Virus testing and protection

Each of our rooms has an air purifier that minimises airborne virus risk, as well as improving and filtering the air.

  • Air purifiers kill 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Pollens are reduced for allergy-prone kids
  • Open layouts ensure good air flow
  • Cross contamination risk minimised
  • Covid-safety policies and action plan in place


We incorporate OSMO and other innovative technologies that stimulate better learning.

 Staying connected 

Children keep an online learning journal of their discoveries. It’s a great way to record progress and look back on precious memories from their early years!

  • Kids use an online learning journal
  • Artwork, photos and other visuals can be uploaded
  • Kids record their reflections on things they’ve learned
  • Parents can follow their little adventurer’s path through their exciting world of learning and discovery.

Montessori + STEM curriculum

Montessori + STEM

We’re one of the first early childcare centres to bring STEM subjects into early learning.

Montessori_content - Discovery Bay

Industry-first curriculum

Our industry-first methodology delivers an expanded early learning program that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) within a Montessori curriculum

  • Earlier introduction to STEM concepts
  • Learning through practical experiences
  • Paves the way for a smooth transition to primary school
  • Builds confidence and critical thinking ability
  • Learning happens through practical real-life experiences that kids can easily relate to

Embedded learning

STEM is all about children enquiring about what they are doing, and then problem solving to find their own solutions, make new discoveries, and form new neural pathways.

Embedded-learning_content - Discovery Bay

Building foundational knowledge

We’ve done our job when your child has the foundational resilience, confidence, and critical thinking ability they need for a great head start and progression through school and in life.

  • Activities lay important groundwork for school subjects
  • Structured enquiry-based learning that is fun
  • Problem-solving to find their own answers
  • Intentional play leads to new discoveries
  • Kids learn at their own pace in their own way
  • Solid foundational knowledge for growing minds

Real-world activities

 Kids learn at their own pace, and make takeaways from their discoveries that they can apply to their everyday life. 

Real-world-activities_content- Discovery Bay

Making learning FUN

Learning through real-world applications
makes learning more fun, embeds lessons better, and stimulates creativity, problem solving ability, and independent thinking.

  • Interactive, immersive and experiential learning.
  • Kids aren’t over-instructed but guided when necessary.
  • Adapted for each child’s age, ability and interest.
  • Hands-on lessons are better for knowledge retention.
  • We weave the curriculum into the child’s interests.
  • Kids learn while having new and fun experiences.

Creating capable kids

Each child leaves us well-equipped with the knowledge, resilience, and confidence they need for success in whatever school they attend next.

School-ready curriculum JR to read

Our curriculum follows the guidelines from the VEYLDF and the NQS . It’s our priority to make sure your child is set up to be at the level required for transition into any school you choose.

  • Meets Department of Education and NQF requirements
  • Transition statements provided for children entering our kindergarten program
  • We liaise with schools during transition
  • Early introduction to STEM concepts
  • Meets all requirements for any school you choose

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