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Discovery Bay is an Early Learning and Kindergarten centre that offers an environment inspired by the Montessori Method.

The Montessori Method is a philosophy that originated from Dr. Maria Montessori who was an Italian Physician and Educator in the 1900’s.  Her unique method is known worldwide, and her materials enable children to learn through self-direction. The main focus of Montessori is to develop independence, concentration, confidence and self-esteem in the child during their preschool years. The Montessori Environment is set up to allow freedom for the child to direct their own learning while offering a sense of order, security, and agency through exploration. Montessori is aimed at assisting children in self-construction within all developmental areas which is guided through five main areas. Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture.

We offer a Toddler Program and Cycle 1 Program. We also offer flexible sessions to ensure we meet the needs of families.

What sets Discovery Bay apart from other Early Learning Centres?

Discovery Bay ELC is committed to providing children with quality education and care during their early years learning journey. We provide an environment inspired by the Montessori Method. Enhancing the child’s independence and capability to lead their own learning.


Discovery Bay offers a Montessori based Toddler Program as well as a Montessori Cycle 1 Pre School & Kindergarten Program. Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) are introduced into the curriculum to prepare young minds for future endeavours.

Discovery Bay offers flexible sessions to ensure the individual needs of each family are met.


12 months – 3 years

Our toddler rooms environment guarantees the space for movement and freedom for the children to work individually or in small groups. All areas are at eye level to promote independence and freedom of choice. Children will have access to a range of activities to provide them with the introductory skills to understand Montessori in preparation for their transition to the Cycle 1 room when they turn 3. We ensure to provide a calm, nurturing and secure environment to enhance a home away from home atmosphere, this ensures our children and families feel safe and secure while attending our service.


3 years – 6 years

The Montessori term for 3-6 year old children is Cycle 1. The environment for these classrooms is purposefully set up to allow the children freedom to make their own choices and engage with other children or to spend time working individually. The environment remains calm to allow the children time to concentrate on their learning. All activities are set up and prepared daily in an orderly manner. The consistent order and set up of the rooms enhance a sense of agency within the child as they soon become very comfortable and understand the routine easily.


STEM is an inquiry-based approach to learning and focus on teaching concepts as it relates to the real world. It focusses on hands-on and active participation to effectively solve every day problems. In the Discovery Bay* program, children are at the core of the learning experience: children are urged and supported to ask questions, propose ideas, collaborate, make decisions and test solutions. Mistakes are viewed as positive experiences and opportunities to extend on further learning and exploration. Children are naturally curious learners and have their own reasoning skills. Strengthening these innate abilities through an inquiry-based approach to learning, will prepare them with a confident mind-set to adapt and be innovative in a rapidly evolving world. STEM supported activities allow children to be curious, investigate, explore and discover in an active, hands-on way that makes the child an active participant in their own learning.

Why choose the Discovery Bay* integrated & inquiry-based approach to early learning?:

  • Hands on activities encourage children to experiment & explore; and become active participants in their own learning
  • Through participation in their own learning, experiences and concepts are relevant to each child’s individual ability
  • Learn that mistakes leads to problem solving
  • Children learn from their own experiences
  • Self-efficiency when completing an activity
  • Critical thinking is enhanced (children are allowed to ask questions; think about what they are doing (evaluate); how it can be done differently (reflect); problem solve and analyze
  • Boost curiosity and creative thinking, explore imagination
  • Classrooms provide opportunity for individual learning & collaboration

The Discovery Bay Montessori environment contains specially designed materials for development that invites children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Under the guidance of a qualified educator, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, promoting concentration, motivation, self-discipline, independence and a love of learning.