Our Mission is to provide children with a holistic environment enriched with opportunities which they can freely explore and be guided by their own interests and abilities.

Through the delivery of our educational programme we strive to provide children with a strong and balanced foundation to approach all future endeavours with confidence and resilience.

We respect each child as a successful & unique individual with their own interests and skills and the capability to confidently lead their own learning. Children should be given the opportunity to freely explore a beautiful environment prepared with a meaningful purpose which is equitable and inclusive.

Children will be supported to become active decision makers in matters that affect them and feel joy from inspiring learning experiences. We are committed to establish and maintain relationships with families based on reciprocal trust, honesty, and respect.

Our team is committed to continuously improve our service through reflective practice and collaboration with families.

We will continue to be guided by the Principles of the National Quality Framework; Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics and will uphold the Convention of the Rights of the Child.